Follow-up: Ted Nugent at the AMP

We sincerely appreciate those who have left us comments about the upcoming Ted Nugent concert.  

Walton Arts Center does not condone violence or violent speech, but we also recognize that some such speech may be protected by the First Amendment.   We have followed carefully the Secret Service’s reaction to Mr. Nugent’s comments and understand they have closed the matter and do not see the need for further action. While we do not condone his comments, we are confident in the Secret Service’s thorough review.

We do not have a policy for cancellation of performances due to an artist’s political speech or opinions.  However, we are listening intently to all of the comments we are receiving.  We are also evaluating the many factors that come into play when considering the option to cancel a performance.  Such a decision is not something we take lightly.

We appreciate all who have contributed to the dialogue.