Ted Nugent at the AMP

We would like to thank everyone who has expressed an opinion regarding the upcoming performance by Ted Nugent at the Arkansas Music Pavilion (AMP).

We are aware of Mr. Nugent's recent comments, and comments he's made in the past. Here is a link to the most recent news about these comments.

As an entertainment presenter, and owner of the AMP, we take into account our wide and diverse audiences when booking shows. However, there is a lot of discussion going on internally about this concert, and we want to assure everyone that we are listening to your feedback and comments and taking them into account.

Many of you have asked us if we intend to cancel Mr. Nugent's performance. Cancellation, though rare, may happen because of weather issues, sales or scheduling conflicts, and we work closely with our performers' management to make such decisions. Walton Arts Center does not have a policy of cancelling shows based on a performer's political statements or opinion; we evaluate each show on a case-by-case basis.

As an arts and entertainment presenter, we are grateful for the opportunity to engage in dialogue with our community about issues such as this, and we welcome your comments and feedback.