Thank You Thursday

Thank You Thursday is here! There should be a song for Thank You Thursday, and then we could start things off with a fun tune. Instead though, you can imagine whatever voice you'd like saying "It's time for Thank You Thursday!" We like to imagine the voice of a game show host because they always get the crowd amped up for what's about to come, and that's always fun. Plus, we think that accurately portrays how we feel about Thank You Thursday - super excited to tell you all about who we're thanking this week!!

This week we're thanking, drum roll please...the Fayetteville Public Library! The fine folks at the Fayetteville Public Library are so wonderful to work with. They let us come and speak to different groups that assemble there weekly (like the children's storytimes, the Flicks before Six group and many others). They also host the 10x10 Arts Series Countdown Conversations (and create a special book list for each one), movie nights and other fun happenings.

Fayetteville Public Library also helps engage the community and gives people a deeper understanding of the arts and upcoming performances at WAC.

So thank you to Lolly, Renee, Caitlyn, Laura, Willow and all the staff. We are so fortunate to have the Fayetteville Public Library on our team (and as a neighbor!).