Time for Three - Q & A

This groundbreaking trio, comprised of violinists Zachary De Pue and Nicolas Kendall, and Ranaan Meyer on the double bass, have been playing together since their days as students at the Curtis Institute for Music. Time for Three sets themselves apart from traditional classical practices, and instead draws upon each of their differing musical backgrounds. Their repertoire includes pieces by Bach, Brahms and Mancini mixed with their own arrangements of pop artists like Katy Perry, Kanye West and U2.

Time for Three by Vanessa Briceno Scherzer

We're just going to dive right in today as we received some great responses to our questions we threw at trio, Time for Three. These guys will be in NWA this Friday, February 3 at 8pm. Tickets start at $10, and this is a great concert to bring the whole family to.

Ranaan Meyer, double bass:

1. What is your favorite sound?

This is a challenging question to answer because I like so many sounds however I love the sound of the Philadelphia Orchestra and Curtis Institute of Music. I enjoy describing their sound as a marshmallow filled rich hot milk chocolate that is delicious to the ears.

2. How did the name of your group come about?

The name Time for Three comes from a journey to our first gig. We were driven from Philly down to D.C. in a stretch limo. When we were 20 minutes out from our destination we realized that we prepared our music for the show but had no name for our band. We quickly came up with Time for Three. The idea was that we are three musicians coming together for one purpose or concept.

3. What is the biggest challenge for your group?

The biggest challenge for Time for Three is finding time for Time for Three... Time for Three is made up of three guys who are really busy doing lots of different musical things. Currently we get together for 26 weeks out of the year to perform and create. This sounds like a good chunk of time but it is crazy just how fast that time flies by...

Zach De Pue, violin:

1. If you were not a performer today, what profession would you have chosen? 

I think I would be some sort of financial adviser.  I have always loved numbers, math, equations, theories, etc.  Numbers fascinate me.  Now if I could just count my rests correctly!!!

2. In your video “Stronger” you convey an anti-bullying message, and say that inspiration for the message was drawn from your own experiences. Where/how did you find the strength to continue on your own path and not succumb to peer pressure? 

I had the unique situation of having 3 older brothers who all play the violin professionally to this day.  My oldest brother Wallace, in addition to studying violin, trained with our dad as a boxer.  So the first time he was picked on for being a violinist, he took care of the problem, so to speak.  I owe it to my oldest brother for clearing the path for his younger bros with the perception that we all could take care of any problems (even though I never trained as a boxer a day in my life, haha!!!)

3. You have a lot of interaction and involvement with schools and young musicians. What is the one thing that you hope they take away and pass along to others? 

That each younger person should find their passion and go for it.  Any passion, whether artistic, scientific, athletic, etc.  Any and all are incredible, but find your inner passion and believe in it and stay true to it.

Nicolas Kendall, violin:

1. What type of music did you listen to growing up and how has it influenced your music today?

Throughout middle school and high school, most kids my age were into Nirvana, Perl Jam, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Primus, and a little known band called Phish. I was hooked. I had all the cassette tapes for these bands and others that I would throw into my Sony Walkman (remember those??) on the way to school, or at home on my stereo system in my room.

Probably since I was studying violin intensively as a young kid, my ears were thirsty for more than what was popular. My school choir director would have me play violin at his church on the weekends where he was director of his gospel choir. I also would listen to Bluegrass on the local NPR station on Sundays. And of course, there were my favorite classical selections that would consume me if the mood struck. Brahms German Requiem being one of my favorites.

All these musical languages have been part of who I am as an artists. They have shapes me in ways that I probably do not even notice at times. The variety of sounds, rhythm, and energy consumed me during my adolescent years, and fueled my love for performing live concerts.

2. What are the last 3 songs you listened to on your Ipod?

The Lotus Eaters by Sarah Kirkland Snider, featuring Shara Warden from My Brightest Diamond

Chicken Grease by D'Angelo

Yellow & Red by Down Dexter

3. All this touring…what’s your least favorite form of transportation/traveling?

Smelly cabs!

Time for Three will be at Walton Arts Center this Friday, February 3 at 8pm. Tickets start at only $10 and can be purchased here, or by calling 479.443.5600. Don't miss your chance to see this amazing trio!