SoNA Live blog: part 2

In completely unrelated news, did you know today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day?  So, ahoy, me maties, I'm back for the 2nd half of rehearsals.  Considering that I do have an actual job to do (answering emails and holidng meetings and the like), I'm only going to stay through the first few moments.  I also confess that I want to have some suprises tonight when I'm sitting in the audience. 

So, let's talk about Tchaikovsky's final symphony, #6, the "Pathetique".  Did you know that Tchaikovsky conducted it's premiere in St. Petersburg only 8 days before his death?   There's some speculation about what the composer intended with the piece; was it autobiographical or a commentary on life and death?  In the end, no one really knows, which adds a lovely layer of mystery to the piece.  Also, one language thing to note - the title of this work is the French "pathetique", not the English "pathetic".  Pathetiquie means "touching the emotions."  So we're in for a highly emotional ride tonight, I think.  Bring it on.  :)

11:20 - It's total cacaphony in the hall right now as the musicians are getting back from break.  And then, just like that, there's silence, followed by the controlled cacaphony of tuning.  Here we go.