SoNA live blog

11:24 - Oooh...the first notes of the Pathetique come from the bassoon.  Definitely sets the mood. 

I have to confess that I usually prefer the big, loud portions of symphonic music, but there is something amazing about when everyone is playing quietly; like the music wants to burst out, but the musicians are holding it in by sheer force of will. 

11:27 - oh yeah, there's that big sound.  Bring it!

11:30 - the strings are in the lead, and the lilting melody has me thinking of mountains.  This is a pretty cinematic portion of the piece. 

11:36 - Mastro Haas is such fun to watch; lots of energy and passion. Whoa - the trombones are in charge at the moment.  Look out.

11:41 - Movement over - we were gently sent out by the horns, woodwinds and tympony (sp?). Oh man, I really want to stay, but I've got to get back to work.  The bottom line - this group of musicians sounds fantastic, and they seem to be enjoying each other and in good spirits.  If you are not a "classical music person" (whatever that means) I still think this concert would be fun for you - this is big, impactful, emotional music that doesn't require much other than an open ear and imagination to enjoy.

One last reminder: tickets can be found at or at 479-443-5600.  The show is tonight, Monday the 19th, at 7:30 pm.  There's a Creative Conversation with Music Director Paul Haas and WAC President/CEO Peter Lane at 6:45pm in Starr Theater. 

Thanks!  See you tonight.