The Importance of Being Earnest - Part 2

Yesterday we had a q & a with Peter F Gardiner who plays Jack Worthing (Earnest) and Merriman in Aquila Theatre's "The Importance of Being Earnest." The play will be at Walton Arts Center this Saturday, November 5 at 8pm, and is part of our 10x10 Arts Series in which most of our tickets are only $10. Yes, you heard me right, $10!! Quick, hop over here and purchase tickets now!

Ok, on with the rest of the story. Today, we've got a q & a with Guy Oliver-Watts who plays Algernon in Earnest. He definitely had a different perspective on some of the questions, and it was great to see how he and Peter differed in their answers. Read on for some intriguing facts on Guy. 

1.       "I don't play accurately - anyone can play accurately - but I play with wonderful expression." ---How are you wonderfully expressive?

2.       “Oh! it is absurd to have a hard and fast rule about what one should read and what one shouldn't. More than half of modern culture depends on what one shouldn't read.”---What have you read recently but shouldn’t? 

3.       One of the characters pretends to have a friend in the country that he can ‘visit’ anytime he wants to get away from social engagements…where would you go if you could visit anywhere?

4.       If you could switch identities with one well-known/famous character for a day, who would it be? Why?

5.       The New York Times describes Aquila as “modernly hip” – what two words would you use to describe YOURSELF?

6.       Can you think of a time you got caught bending the truth?


7.       If you could uproot any classic what time period would you place it in and why?



Responses from Guy Oliver-Watts who plays Algernon 


1. When I am at my least self conscious and able to articulate or focus on something/some character outside of myself.

i.e.  When I write songs, sing, act or when I express my love to my wife and children, most of the time at least I leave them in no doubt about it.

2. A Terry Pratchett novel...amusingly written etc... but fundamentally an utter waste of several hours of my life when nothing was learnt.

Other than that, my mothers choice of English newspaper 'The Daily Mail'. It has an editorial that I find abhorant.

3. India or Africa because I've never been... or Rome & New York because I never tire of them

4. I could triple the funding for the arts.. or Scarlet Johansson (I'm only human).

5. Occasionally inspired

6. not for a while...I'm a good liar.

7. Off the top of my head...Dr. Faustus in some present day political scenario.

Thank you Guy for some great answers to our questions! Judging by the responses from Guy and Peter, "The Importance of Being Earnest" is sure to be an entertaining show this weekend. Come on out Saturday night and party with us at the second performance of our 10x10 Arts Series. There will be a pre-show creative conversation with some of the actors, and after the show there's a party in our lobby, complete with music and a specialty cocktail. We hope to see you there!