Koresh Dance Company

An Artistic Force
Creating Innovative & Emotional Dance Performances

This Friday, prepare to be amazed by the superb technique of the culturally-enriched dance company that keeps the artistic reputation of Philidelphia alive. Koresh Dance Company has been described as emotionally compelling and stunningly athletic, with 10 dancers that seamlessly shift from an explosive and passionate repertoire to moments of intimacy and restraint. Founded in 1991 by Israeli-born choreographer Ronen Koresh, this troupe has toured the world performing a fusion of choreographic styles including ballet, modern dance and jazz. Performing to a musical score of contrasts — Middle Eastern music juxtaposed with classical favorites — the dancers deliver an artistic experience that Northwest Arkansas won’t soon forget! If you like hard, fast, intense dancing, this is the show for you.

We love that these artists are committed to the creative economy of their hometown and really wanted to know more about the driving force behind that committment. Our 10x10 Arts Series focuses on creating a space for audience/artist interaction, giving us the opportunity to ask Koresh's artistic director and founder, Ronen Koresh a few questions to help us better understand what influences their artistry.

1)What are some of your favorite songs to jam to? 

No specific songs—I enjoy World music to jam to.  

2)What moves you to create a new dance number (e.g.: a musical piece, life experience or style of dance)?

What inspires me to create are the intricacies of life, the complexity of relationships, and the desire to add to the beauty of life.

3)Choose 5 words – that start with the letter D – to describe your company.

Daring, desirable, dynamic, dramatic, diverse 

4)What do you find most thrilling about exploring human emotions using just your body?

The body doesn’t lie. 

5)What types of the cultural spaces/places you draw inspiration from?

The street, the coffee shop, the bar—people-watching places.

6)Whom do you define as visionary?

My mom. She’s the one who made me follow my dream to dance, paid for it, sent me to America.

 7)How does your work connect to the larger world?

My work deals with humanity, human emotions and relationships, community, the individual vs. society—and most people connect to those themes. They can see themselves in it. My work is not commentary; it’s participation. A dance company doesn’t imitate life; it is life.

8)What is the best advice that you have been given?

Donald Byrd told me not to go searching for an audience—don’t try to satisfy them or be afraid that they won’t like your work. Let an audience find you. The people who like what you do will come.

9)What are some exciting things you see happening among dancers/studios today?

Dancers now are exposed to a much larger arena of dance, especially through YouTube—European, Asian, Israeli dance, etc., and as a result, their styles are becoming more diverse.

10) Why 10 dancers?

Because I can’t afford fifteen.

Still curious about this extraordinary and out-of-the-box dance company? Check out a few of their preformances here to better prepare youself for the artistic force coming to Walton Arts Center this Friday, March 6! Tickets are just $10, so buy yours today! To purchase tickets, click here.