The Art of Wine

In spirit of the Art of Wine Festival this weekend, we decided to brush up on our wine sipping techniques!  Every aspect of drinking wine is outlined from which glasses to use with specific wines, to what food tastes best with wines and there is even a wine family tree! Luckily, we have some handy charts to help explain the vast world of wine.

Image via Wine FollyWith the exception of a tumbler, there are three basic components to a wine glass; bowl, stem and foot.  How large the bowl is, how long the stem is and how wide the foot is determines which glasses best suit different wines.  

Image via Pinterest These guidelines show just how much wine ends up in your glass. This is especially useful when hosting dinners so you know how much you are serving your guests and how much is going into the food you are preparing. {As noted in the image, don't forget to treat yourself!}

Image via Wine Folly Did you know that the easiest foods to match to a wide variety of wines are starches? Or how about that the hardest foods to match with wines are an assortment of vegetables and chocolate? Here is the breakdown of what to eat with certain wines. Review this chart before your next meal to ensure a perfect blend of food and drink!

Image via PinterestThe ever-popular wine and cheese combination is explained with this wheel diagram. Take note of a few cheeses that go well with both a red and white wine, for example Swiss with Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer.  

Image via Pinterest

We thought this was a fun way to show the wine family tree! Refer back to this periodic table of wine the next time you are in question of the origin and color of a specific wine.  

These tips to being a connoisseur of wine will definitely come in handy at the Art of Wine Festival events, June 13 – 15, and tickets are still available. Join us for a fun weekend of tasting delicious wines and enjoying the finest cuisine!