Q&A with DanceBrazil - Part 2!


We learned a little about the life of a dancer from Willians Ferreira last week, now Jorlan Gama, a member of DanceBrazil for two years, talks about capoeira, himself and dance. Thanks Jorlan! 

Catch Jorlan and the other DanceBrazil members in our next 10x10 performance Friday, March 1 at 8pm.

Jorlan Gama, a member of DanceBrazil 

 1. What is capoeira?  Explain the role of capoeira in the dances of the company?

Capoeira is a source of energy and inspiration.

2. How do the dancers train?

I can say really hard, 6 days in the week and 6 hours per day.

3. What role does dance have in the lives of Brazilians?

A beautiful display of our culture, acting as an important agent of social and educational growth.

4. What is your favorite thing about being part of Dance Brazil?

To be part of the most diverse dance company in the world and dance my culture through a contemporary view.

5. Do you have an artist you love that might surprise us?

I would say Deborah Colker Dance Company.

6. What kinds of art have been an inspiration to you?

Theatre, music and musicals.

7. Is there something you enjoy collecting?

The way of acting.

8. What has been a memorable place to perform and why?

At Joyce Theater, the energy of the audience is magnificent.

9. Was there some great advice you received as you began your artistic journey?

My parents, always guided me in this artistic trajectory.

10. What profession other than yours would you most like to attempt?


11.  Fill in the blank; Dance is____?

...to live without barriers, embrace the infinite.

Watch Jorlan and the rest of DanceBrazil defy gravity on Friday, March 1!