10x10 is back with Los Angeles Guitar Quartet!

This Thursday, Oct. 10, we have our second 10x10 Arts Series performance with Los Angeles Guitar Quartet! The Grammy® Award-winning group plays across the genres. Their programs have included Latin, African, Far East, Irish, Folk and American Classics that transport listeners around the world! 

We had the chance to ask members John Dearman and William Kanengiser a few questions! Check them out below, then watch a video of them performing.

1. What great advice did you receive when you began your artistic journey?

William: Find the best teacher you can, and do everything he says!

2. What is your most memorable performance and why?

John: We played a concert in a giant lava tube - kind of like a cave created by a huge bubble in an ancient lave flow - on Lanzarote; one of the Canary Islands. It was actually a real concert hall and was part of a whole underground complex of hotels, restaurants and bars. An awesome place! 

William: Doing "Don Quixote" with Monty Python's John Cleese; sharing the stage with one of my comic heroes is something I'll never forget.

3. What kind of art inspires you?

John: I saw a film called 'Gerhard Richter Painting' recently - I like what he does.

4. Who is your artistic icon? Why?

John: I love the Assad Brothers. Of course they're guitarists, they play Brazilian as well as classical music, and for me, they just have the perfect temperament as performers and personalities. They never fail to astound me in every way.

William: Maestro Pepe Romero.  As our mentor, friend and role model, he epitomizes the ideal of the virtuoso soloist, consummate ensemble player and inspirational stage performer.

5. What profession other than yours would you most like to attempt?

John: Restoring vintage motorcycles.

William: Gourmet chef.

6. What are the three most played songs on your iPod?

John: I don't really know but: Recently I listened to “Forrobodo” by Egberto Gismonti in a loop for about 30 minutes. 2 others that come to mind: “The Soleares from En Vivo” by Paco de Lucia.  A tune called “Greenwich Mean” by the guitarist Wayne Krantz.

William: Glenn Gould's 1981 “Goldberg Variations,” “Romance de Abindarraez” played by Jordi Savall and Hesperian XX, "California" by Joni Mitchell.

7. What do you want audiences to walk away with after your performance?

John: That they've heard something new and they liked it.

William: With a new appreciation for the sonic potential of the classical guitar. And a few copies of our CD's, I suppose!

8. If there were a feature film created about your life who would play you?

John: Bryan Cranston, of course.

William: Paul Giamatti!

9. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

John: HBO - there's just too much good stuff on TV these days!

10. Why a quartet? What is so magical about 4 guitarists as opposed to 2, 6, or 8?

John: The Romeros were such an inspiration and we've never really thought about any other formation.

11. Do you have a favorite sports team?

John: Any team that's playing against the Celtics.

William: Sadly, the Los Angeles Lakers.  It's going to be a long year.

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