Q&A with Diavolo Dance Theater: Part 1

This week we have the brilliant Diavolo Dance Theater in our hall. Diavolo means "the day I learned to fly." Isn't that just the most wonderfully magic name you've ever heard? This 10-member dance company is made up of dancers, gymnasts and actors who deliver large-scale interdisciplinary performances that examine the funny and frightening ways individuals behave within their environment.

They will be in-residency for the week traveling to local schools to work with students, performing as part of our Colgate Classroom Series, and even instructing a Masterclass for people ages 14 and up. They will reach over 2,000 individuals in classroom and community settings this week. We are so lucky to have them in Northwest Arkansas!

Photo by Rose Eichenbaum

Diavolo is also part of our 10x10 Arts Series, and you know we love to grill them about the work they're doing so we can share it with you! Read below to find out a little bit more about the members of this interesting group that are spending the week in our community. Today we're talking with Jennifer Huffman, but come back tomorrow for more with some of the other company members!

Jennifer Huffman - Dancer

1. How do you explain what you do to people that have never seen a performance or a photograph of your work?

I scare them. They aren't expecting what they get sometimes, so in a good way I believe it scares them.

2. What style of dance is your favorite to watch?

Raw, athletic dancing

3.Who is your artistic icon?

I've never had one. There are many people I look up to for guidance; those that have taught me & continue to teach me.

4. Is there any part of Fearful Symmetries that you thought would be impossible to perform?

The first complete run-through we did, I was soooo exhausted at the end of the first half that I thought there was no way I could do an entire second half. But, I did... :)

5. If you were not a performer today, what profession would you have chosen?


6. Have you ever broken anything while performing?


7. If you could incorporate an object or structure into a performance, what would it be and why?

I have always enjoyed climbing and playing on anything. I have never been afraid of heights, and love to fly through the air, so anything I can jump off of, do a handstand on, climb, slide, crawl or bounce on would be fun for me!

8. Diavolo is performing during our Artosphere Festival, which focuses on arts, nature & sustainability. How does nature impact your artistic process?

The different seasons put me in different moods, and therefore effect how I work that day, or what I decide to create when I do.

9. Do you have a personal way that you try to live a more sustainable life?

I do what I want to do. Dance to the beat of my own drum, and find something that makes me laugh everyday!

10. What is your favorite healthy snack?

A tie between avocados and ice cream sandwiches. :)