Alley 38 - An interactive theatre experience

Have you heard about Alley 38 yet? It's described as "a theatrical walking expedition through uncharted places," but we didn't fully grasp the idea until we actually went on the walk. Whoa, you guys. This is such a fun performance!

Conceived and produced by Artist's Laboratory Theatre (ALT), Alley 38 is part of the Artosphere Festival. ALT received an Artosphere Partner Grant to help bring the idea to life.

Patrons meet at the corner of Block and Spring street in Fayetteville (free parking at the meters after 5pm), and without giving too much away, are divided into two groups. There is a guide in each group, and you remain with them throughout the evening. Winding through the alleys of downtown Fayetteville, a story develops along the way and you find yourself anxious to find out "What is happening next??"

Here's a map of the area covered in Alley 38. While there is a lot of walking, there is plenty of stopping to rest along the way (sometimes you even get a chair!). There is also a brief (about 10min.) intercession where free drinks and snacks are offered.

Alley 38 runs through Sunday, May 27, and all performances begin at 7:30pm. At only $12/person, this is a perfect way to spend a spring evening discovering art, theatre and Fayetteville!

Alley 38 starting point