Q&A with SFJAZZ Collective

Yesterday you dipped your toe in the pool of the all-star jazz group SFJAZZ Collective. Today, we're taking a dive into the deep end! We like to hit up our incoming 10x10 Arts Series artists with a Q&A to get to know them better before they get here. Here's what SFJAZZ Collective drummer, Eric Harland had to say...

Eric Harland - drums

1. If you could do another tribute show, which artist would you choose and why?

I would personally choose James Taylor... mostly because I love his music and haven't had the opportunity to perform his music or with him. 

2. If you could choose one celebrity to play with, alive or dead, who would you choose?

John Coltrane would be my choice... 

3.What is the one piece of music that you wish you would’ve composed?

The theme to Star Wars...  

4. If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

More financial balance so that the arts can remain an act of "expression" to success and not the act of "mimic" to success...

5. If you were not a performer today, what profession would you have chosen?

Maybe Computer Engineering...  Philosophy...  Winemaking...  can't really choose just one.  

6.You’ve covered some great names (Coltrane, Hancock, Monk and now Stevie Wonder); how do you decide? And, is there anyone that you haven’t done that you would love to?

We decide based on a voting process, about who we agree to be the next honored Artist.  As far as those we haven't played before...  I think everyone has a different outlook on that.  

7. What is your favorite Stevie Wonder song to perform and why?

Ah man...  he has too many great songs to narrow to just a favorite...  but some are "Higher Ground", "Golden Lady", "Superstition"...  and these are mainly do to their great melodies, feel, lyrics...  but wait...  THAT'S ALL OF STEVIE'S SONGS.....   :-)  

8. What song, artist, or genre of music do you secretly like, but are embarrassed to admit?

None...  I'm open to all music.

SFJAZZ Collective will be in Northwest Arkansas this Thursday, March 15 at 7pm. I hope to see you all at the show! Don't have tickets yet? No problem! They're still available and can be purchased here, or by calling the Walton Arts Center box office at 479.443.5600.