Billy Elliot the Musical: Finding Billy

Fresh off our run of Shrek: The Musical, we’re getting excited for our next Broadway performance; Billy Elliot The Musical! Billy Elliot will be here for eight performances, beginning Tuesday, December 4, and running through Sunday, December 9.

A little background on the show for you: Billy Elliot is a small town boy in northern England, who finds his way from the boxing ring to ballet class. At 11 years old, Billy isn’t sure how to handle his surprising talent, but manages to shine with his community behind him.

Now, about those boys that play Billy in the show. Would you believe that many of them are just 'regular' kids? Not classically trained dancers, or professional theatre performers, but just boys that have auditioned when the opportunity arose in their town? We were fascinated by this information!

Here's a little peek into "Finding Billy."