Pride & Prejudice - Q&A with the cast

Last week we had two fabulous 10x10 Arts Series performances with Caravanserai: Majid Bekkas Gnawa Ensemble with Brahim Fribgane, and the legendary Tokyo String Quartet. Next up, we've got L.A. Theatre Works' "Pride and Prejudice."

You know we like to fill you in on who will be performing in our 10x10 Arts Series shows, and this time around we'll be in the company of some actors you will probably recognize.

Jane Carr will play Mrs. Bennet in this run of "Pride and Prejudice." Carr has starred in such films as "The Five-Year Engagement," with Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, and "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," as well as the television series "Dear John."

Jane CarrYou know how we roll around here when it comes to our 10x10 shows; we like to give our visiting actors the third degree. Kidding! But really, we do like to pick their brains about a variety of topics. Carr took the time to answer a few questions for us, and here they are for your reading pleasure!

1. Fill in the blank; Theater is  _________?

Occasionally very good.

2. Is there something you enjoy collecting?

No, not much of a collector. I like antiquing though.

3. What has been a memorable place to perform and why?

Wyndhams Theatre London. My first West End show. I think the prettiest theatre I ever performed in was The New Amsterdam on Broadway.

4. Is there a dish you love to cook when you are home?

I love to bake almost anything.

5. Was there some great advice you received as you began your artistic journey?

Watch older, established actors and learn from them.

6. What profession other than yours would you most like to attempt?

The list could go on forever. The nice thing about acting is that you get to pretend to have a million professions.

Check back here tomorrow to find out the other recognizable actor that will visit Northwest Arkansas this Friday, October 26 for L.A. Theatre Works' "Pride and Prejudice!"