Celebrating "20 Years" in Northwest Arkansas

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary here in Northwest Arkansas, and the old saying "time flies when you're having fun" seems to ring true to us during this time. It hardly seems that its been 20 years since we opened our doors to the community, let alone that some of our employees have been here for just as many years (be sure to tell them how youthful they look. :) )!

To commemorate and preserve our history, Walton Arts Center commissioned local artist, Kathy Thompson to create an original project.

Kathy Thompson's work in progress for WAC. Taken at Thompson's studio in Fayetteville.Kathy Thompson has become known for her H Boxes, mixed-media boxes that arrange treasured artifacts into dynamic and resonant compositions. These richly textured and inventive works explore the intersection of objects, history, memory, and the formal language of assemblage.

Without much direction from Walton Arts Center, Ms. Thompson undertook the task of rummaging through our archived materials, as well as conducting interviews with staff, patrons and others in the local arts community.

"Broadway" photo by Ironside PhotographyWhat came out of Thompson's hours and hours of research were 20 beautiful boxes that encompass not on Walton Arts Center's history, but also some history (and nods to the future) of Northwest Arkansas.

Our staff and Ms. Thompson are hard at work installing this exhibition, titled "20 Years," in our gallery for an event we're hosting this Thursday, October 4; "Treasures & History: A Gallery Open House" from 5:30pm - 8pm. Please join us as we unveil this project that has been "20 Years" in the making!

Moving day! Kathy's boxes getting prepped for installation