So, you love {insert something art-sy here} but you need money

The university has been back in session for a few weeks now, and as we pass the students walking up and down the street outside our offices we often wonder what they're majoring in. We all know that someone that absolutely loves to paint, draw, play music, etc, and refuses to give that up for a job in the 'real world,' so they go forth and pursue that fine arts degree much to their parents chagrin.

We want to take this opportunity to APPLAUD you!! And, to let you know that you can get a job in the 'real world', while continuing to do something you are passionate about, by...getting a job at an arts center!!  At Walton Arts Center, we've got employees with degrees in art history, music, dance, acting and many more.

Working at an arts center is a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of everything arts & culture.  There are different departments, such as programming (deciding which shows come through), development (raising awareness and funds), learning and engagement (working with the community to ensure the arts reach our students and teachers), facilities (working on the stage crew, building sets, lighting) and communication (marketing, public relations, design).  That is just a few of the areas that we have here at Walton Arts Center.  There is sure to be something that peaks your interest. 

So, as you're wondering how you're ever gonna get a job on Broadway, become a museum curator or be the next Picasso, we encourage you to think of the arts as a broader scope.  Working at an arts center is a great way to still be a part of an area you love (arts), and to be able to move out of your parent's basement (make money!).