SoNA live blog

10:21 am - Much shifting of chairs and people is ensuing as they get ready for the next piece.  The crew is moving some equipment as the violas work on a few notes with Maestro Haas.

Sebastian, the cello soloist, just appeared and the orchestra, who's hands are full with their instruments, did that whole "stomping of feet = applause" thing.  I love that.

10:25 - tuning begins, and I'm about to hear the Elgar piece for the first time.  I love cello. I can't wait.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about - here's a link to SoNA's website - where you can download the program notes for tonight's show.  2nd link from the top on the right.

10:28 - wow, this piece is amazing.  I almost want to leave so i can be surprised tonight, but I'll suffer through.  :)  I think (and please keep in mind that I'm a classical music novice with no training in musicology) that the cello is the most human sounding of the string instruments - I always hear emotion in it.  And then you add the huge, swelling sound of a full orchestra behind