SoNA live blog

10:49 - it occurs to me that I ought to make a shameless plug for ticket sales to tonight's show, though I'd really rather just focus on the music.  But anyway - here it is: tickets can be bought at or by calling 479-443-5600.

Ok, back to the music - we're into the 4th movement of the Elgar.  This movement is a long one, almost as long as the previous three, and it's beginning with a big sounds, passionate and upbeat, lots of tossing of the melody back and forth between the soloist and the different sections.

But then, as promised, you start to hear hints of lament coming back.  It's like the composer doesn't want to let you get too excited.

I just read that this piece is really hard for the soloist.  Sebastian seems to be up to the job, and then some.

Whew. Piece complete.  I just let out a huge breath.  Applause from the musicians and the few of us in the house.  :)