Thank You Thursday

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we would like to start a new tradition, “Thank You Thursday”!

As a non-profit, it takes a lot of people to help us do what we do.  Did you know that every year, we fundraise about half of our budget?  Without these gifts, we would not be able to serve our local schools, and offer low-cost programs like the 10x10 Arts Series or our Artosphere Festival.  So when we thank our supporters in curtain speeches before shows, we really mean it.

Each Thursday, we will highlight a group, person or organization that helps us fulfill our mission to, “bring great artists and entertainers from around the world to Northwest Arkansas, connecting and engaging people through inspiring arts experiences.” It could be a sponsor, or a granting organization or an individual.

We thought it would be nice to put it out in the universe (web-iverse?) and let everyone know how much we appreciate the support! We hope you’ll join us in thanking them for keeping the arts central to our great community.

Today we would like to thank Colgate-Palmolive, our Classroom Series sponsor. The Colgate Classroom Series offers live matinee performances in a variety of art forms including dance, theater, opera, and world music to school groups.

These performances are opportunities for young people to explore world cultures, make connections to important works of literature, or to learn more about art forms. For many Northwest Arkansas children, the Colgate Classroom Series is their first exposure to the performing arts. We are so thankful that Colgate-Palmolive allows them this opportunity by being a generous sponsor.


Check back in with us as we continue our "Thank You Thursday" posts, and see the man (men, women, partners, sponsors, friends - you get the idea) behind the Walton Arts Center curtain!