10x10 Arts Series Kick-off with AnDa Union!

We’re excited to kick-off our 10x10 Arts Series next Friday, Oct. 4 with AnDa Union! This amazing musicians and vocalists are unlike anything hosted on the WAC stage before. Coming from nearly 7,000 miles away, the young musicians in AnDa Union take you on a hauntingly beautiful musical journey, uniting the diverse traditions and styles of both Inner and Outter Mongolia through all the Mongol tribes that Genghis Khan unified.

AnDa Union

We had the chance to ask the performers a few questions! Check out band members Saikhannakhaa and Chinggel's answers below, and then watch a video of them performing.

  • What are you most looking forward to on this US Tour?

We love playing concerts!

  • What is your favorite Mongolian tradition? 

Mongolian music

  • What size of audiences and whom do you typically perform for in Inner Mongolia? 

Over 1,000 people – especially younger people. 

  • How did you learn how to play your instrument? When?

We trained at music school from the age of 13. 

  • What makes you unique from other performers?

The way we combine Mongolian music and singing style.

  • What are 3 goals of your performances?

That the audience have a good time, that they learn about Mongolian culture and that they leave feeling the world is a better place.

  • What do you want audiences to walk away with?

Happy memories of our music, culture and grasslands.

  • Was there some great advice you received as you began your artistic journey? 

Be true to your music and your heart.  

  • Is there something you enjoy collecting?  

Instruments! And music. 

  • What profession other than yours would you most like to attempt? 

A teacher, or maybe start a Mongolian restaurant.  



Tickets are still available, so help us welcome these amazing musicians to NWA! Join the Facebook Event to stay up to date with all the information on our pre-show Creative Conversation with a member of the AnDa Union team, and the post-show party where you can mingle with the performers and enjoy a signature 10x10 cocktail!