ARTOSPHERE 2012: Coming to a community near you

Guess what? Spring is just around the corner! I know, it doesn't really sound shocking since our winter in NWA has been anything but wintery this year. However, spring being so near means that we're almost to the middle of March, and that's just crazy!

Artosphere Arts & Nature Festival is also coming up soon, and UA Film Graduate student Clint Fullen produced this AMAZING trailer to help get us pumped up about Artosphere. We've been hiding this video in our pocket for months, and we are thrilled to finally share it with you today!!

This is footage from Artosphere Festivals from the past few years, and you can expect this year's festival to be just as awesome. Please, take a minute to watch and share with a friend. You can also see it in Malco Theaters across Northwest Arkansas for the next six weeks!

Stay tuned as we will be releasing the full Artosphere lineup on Friday, March 16! Enjoy!