SoNA Masterworks II - Rach music & more

Classical music may not be for everyone, but the staff at the Symphony of Northwest Arkansas (SoNA) is doing their part to help educate patrons on this particular style of music. SoNA is doing a great job at taking a usually niche style of music and making it more accessible.

Music Director, Paul Haas is so very, very good at explaining the symphony and all it's parts in laymen terms. SoNA has their Masterworks II concert coming up on January 21 at Walton Arts Center. The program is Russian composers Rachmaninov and Shostakovich, and to some that just sounds 'heavy.' Haas took some time to explain more about these composers and the pieces that SoNA will play on their January 21 concert over on the SoNA blog.

I can honestly say that I'm very excited to see this concert. I hope you will take the time to read Paul Haas' blog entry and get your tickets to Masterworks II!